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City of Scottsdale Theft Prevention Recommendations

Aug 20 2013, 2:09pm

Backflow Theft Prevention

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Due to the scope and frequency of backflow assembly thefts valleywide, the City of Scottsdale Cross-Connection Control Program would like to offer some suggestions to help prevent this type of property crime.

1) Be aware of who should be working on your backflow assemblies. If you see suspicious activity, please call Scottsdale Police at 480-312-5000. It is also important to contact police to complete a report if your assembly was stolen. Your reporting will help prevent this type of property crime in the future.

2) Consider installing well constructed cages with good locking mechanisms and strong padlocks.

3) Paint the backflow assemblies and piping with a good epoxy type spray paint. The paint will make it less desirable to salvage.  The color should blend in with your property. Do Not paint over serial numbers and name plates. This information is needed for identification by your assembly tester and the City of Scottsdale. 

If the unfortunate does happen and you are a victim of this type of crime, a new backflow assembly (usually of the same type) must be installed immediately. Please use a properly licensed contractor. The contractor must obtain a minimum plumbing permit to perform the work.  Please instruct them to contact our office for information at 480-312-5668. 

Please be aware of where the backflow assemblies are located on your property. Many are located at your water meter, usually close to the street.  By trying to eliminate opportunities, we can put thieves out of this business. 

Thank you for your continuing cooperation in keeping our water supply safe! 
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