Gate Valve Stem Protectors & Bypass Protector
Thieves are now stealing OS&Y gate valve stems on large backflow devices. This causes extremely expensive repairs for the replacement of the gate valves. The Top Hat was designed to deter thieves from your gate valves and save you lots of money! The TH-4 Cover 6"-10" Gate Valves, which are most often hit while the TH-3 is for 3"-4" valves. These both work on OSY valves with or without tamper switches. The TopHat takes only a couple of seconds to install and comes with Keyed Alike Locks.
Pipeline Products: 4 - 10 inch Valve Stem Guard  for a OS&Y Gate Valve 
TopHat-3 Gate Valve Stem Protector for 3" - 4" Gate Valves
Bypass Protector for #1 Ball Valve with Test Port.  Puck Lock Included
Bypass Protector for #2 Ball Valve. Puck Lock Included