Freeze Tolerant BV - 1/2"
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Freeze Tolerant: 1 1/2" - Freeze Tolerant Ball Valve


Unexpected Freezes Can Destroy Your Ball Valves
The Freeze-Tolerant Ball Valve is designed with double wall thickness of regular ball valves, except for the unique freeze plug.  The freeze plug is designed to be weaker than the ball valves and thus in freezing conditions the freeze plug will give way to the increasing pressures before your ball valve is damaged.   The replaceable freeze plugs are easily taken out and replaced with a standard socket wrench, fixing your valve fast.

No soldering, cutting, gluing or hassles!  Simply unscrew the old freeze plug and screw in the new freeze plug!

Great for sudden unexpected freezes when you may not have winterizes your valves yet! Check out the video and spec sheets below for more information.

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